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Finance Your Business

The everyday struggles of business owners may seem at odds with the elusive American Dream. Not only are you concerned with running and growing your business, but you must also plan towards providing for your retirement and possibly towards helping employees with their long term financial goals. My IBC Coach believes the Infinite Banking Concept can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business now, and on your ability to reach your eventual retirement goals.

Most people are unaware that whole life insurance policies are structured totally differently from term life insurance. Whole life insurance is more than just a death benefit. Dividend-paying whole life insurance builds cash value when you pay your premiums, and insurance companies make their profits by investing and reinvesting this unclaimed money– your money. As the policy holder, you have a contractual right to be first in line to borrow the money in your whole life insurance policy. My IBC Coach believes you should take advantage of what is already yours and build upon it.

Some of the potential benefits you can unleash by financing your business through life insurance:
Access capital as needed
Avoid bank application procedures
You can’t be turned down for loans (once the policy is in place)
Avoid having your credit repeatedly checked
Reduce taxes
Protect your assets from creditors and judgments*

Utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC), you can lease equipment for your business with your own funding pool, recapturing all the finance charges that you would otherwise be paying someone else.

* varies by state