Safely, With Limited Risk

Recapture Debt

My IBC Coach teaches you to harness the power of the Infinite Banking Concept method, allowing you to finance your lifestyle today, while creating a nest egg that can help supplement your retirement tomorrow.

At the core of the Infinite Banking Concept is a dividend-paying permanent life insurance policy which is used to create a money pool that you, the owner, controls. This policy is carefully engineered, following the Infinite Banking Concept method, to grow your pool of money – even while you are using it for your personal or business financing needs. The funds that you accumulate in a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy is accessible to you at any time and without penalties, unlike IRAs, 401(k)s and other tax-qualified plans that keep your money out of your reach.

Your cash pool grows, tax-free, and can be accessed without tax penalties in order to provide passive income at retirement. At any time, your cash may be accessed through loans and withdrawals.*

*Excessive loans and withdrawals without repayment can cause adverse tax consequences, penalties and can cause your policy to lapse.