Since 1989 Sonda Frattini has been working as an Insurance professional.  She started her own firm in 2008 and is the Managing Partner of Park South Group. She has a background in advanced planning concepts, coaching, training and joint work and was awarded the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 GAMA Leadership award for the UNIFI Companies.

What makes Sonda unique is she has incorporated Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept into her practice. Park South Group offers seminars educating individuals on how to “Become Your Own Banker”.  Whenever a person needs to buy a new car, send a child to college, pay for a wedding, go on a cruise, fix the furnace, etc., he wouldn’t borrow from a conventional lender, and he wouldn’t even draw down “cash” sitting in a bank CD or other type of “savings account.” Rather, the person would get a policy loan from the insurance company, using his (well-funded) life insurance policy as the collateral. Then, instead of making periodic “car payments” (or whatever the big-ticket item was) to the conventional lender, the person would direct the same cash flow to the insurance company. The concept makes sense, and can be used in a simple household situation or even a large business.

Become Your Own Banker can help individuals and business owners recover the interest expenses they pay to finance cars or other major purchase and recover their “lost fortune” on the money they needlessly gave to financial institutions.

Sonda Frattini