Infinite Banking can be for everyone.
Like most financial plans, the longer the plan is in place, the more value it has.
The sooner Infinite Banking is in place, the better.
We help young clients with incomes that reflect their early careers, to established professionals.


Control your money

Increased Security of Your Money

Manage How Your Money Grows


Access to Financing and Credit

Increase Your Liquidity

Money Growth

Control How Your Investments Grow

Control How You Use Your Money


Access to Financing and Credit

Increase Your Liquidity

Managing Partner of Park South Group, Sonda Frattini, selected as Award Recipient for Moving America Forward with William Shatner – Infinite Banking explained.

Known by several names, including the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC), Bank on Yourself and Private Family Banking, among others, the financial strategy championed by My IBC Coach has been used by commercial banking enterprises for over 200 years. To say it is a tried and true method would be an understatement!

The impetus behind the plan is simple: by purchasing a customized whole life insurance policy with cash value, you may have a better ability to do the following:

  • Control Your Money

    Control your own capital.

  • Recycle Your Money

    Use and recycle your own money.

  • Collect interest on your money

    Collect interest on the items you typically finance.

  • Create a legacy

    Create a legacy without giving up liquidity.

  • Money for future generations

    Create a money source for future generations.


My IBC Coach can show you how to benefit from the advantages of privatized banking (i.e. safe and sound savings*, asset protection, business uses and more) while minimizing common pitfalls of commercial banking, such as fractional banking, excess debt and various tax traps.

When you act as your own banker, you control the banking function for your life, family and business. This ownership is useful for several reasons:


1. You can pay off all outside debt

2. Recapture all debt back into your own Family System

3. Recapture principal, interest and growth so that it is under your control for future re-use.



* Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company. Insurance products are not FDIC insured and are not bank products.

Sonda Frattini explains Infinite Banking

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Sonda Frattini Moving America Forward